It starts with an enchantment...

"The eyes soak up the intense colours of women’s kangas flittering in the wind. As far as you can see, incredible hues of turquoise, azure and emerald stretch out. The nose eagerly tries to trace unknown smells, and feet, free at last, dip into the whiteness of the sand and again into to azure of the ocean. And the amazing taste of mangoes ripened in the sun…”

Beata Lewandowska-Kaftan

Zanzibar. An exotic name and an equally exotic island in its every respect. 

Known as the Island of Spices, it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches of East Africa. Replete with a mixture of cultures and incredible history, this enchanting island offers white sandy beaches filled with palm trees, swaying lazily in the ocean breeze - it is THE perfect, dreamlike scenery for the most important day of your life, when you say YES to each other. 

It is up to YOU to decide what you would like your dream wedding day to look like, and we will make those dreams come true. It will be an exceptional day, which you will remember and look back at forever. 

A simple ceremony for just the two of you or an elegant party with family and friends? 

A Masai dance show, beautiful exotic flower arrangements, or maybe a romantic wedding on a sandbank- a sandy island emerging from the ocean during low-tide? 

It is easier than you think !


You just need to send us the required documents 4 weeks before the planned wedding and we will comprehensively take care of the organization. 

Our professional and experienced team will ensure that all the details, starting with the ceremony up to official documentation, will be taken care of properly and professionally. 


We will handle all the formalities and help to complete the required documents. We will prepare extraordinary decorations adequate to the chosen package. We will provide a Civil State official and transport. 

We can also organise a photographer, a make-up artist and a hair stylist, wedding cake, music, reception and… everything you dream of. 


Moreover, we can comprehensively handle the organisation of the entire trip: help with booking plane tickets, organise sightseeing of the island, as well as plan an unforgettable honeymoon Safari. Depending on the time and budget at your disposal, we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs and dreams. 

All that remains is to pack your wedding rings and a wedding dress into your suitcase and you are ready for a wedding in the most beautiful place on Earth!