Wedding on Zanzibar step by step – it’s simpler than you think!

1. Wedding package

Think about what wedding you want to get: official or maybe a symbolic one. You can also decide for church wedding (Catholic or Anglican)

At this stage, we do not have to decide about the details, but it is worth deciding which of the available packages you choose. 

2. Date

Choosing the date is the most important step – this is where we start planning the wedding. We need to confirm the date with a Civil Status official or Priest, as he is essential for the ceremony. 

3. Signing the contract and deposit

After having settled the most important details, we are ready to sign the contract. The next step is paying the deposit of 300$, which guarantees the date of the wedding. The rest of the amount is paid cash upon arrival to Zanzibar. 

4. Completing the documents

Now it is time to complete the necessary documents. All the documents need to be translated to English by a sworn translator (or they may be multilingual if one of the languages is English). You must email us a copy of the documents no later than 2 weeks before the planned date of the wedding and take the original documents with you to Zanzibar.

List of required documents (Civil wedding):

1. Abridged copy of birth certificate
2. Attestation, that according to the law in your country you are eligible to get married abroad.
3. Passport photo
4. Photocopy of your passport (page with the photo)

List of required documents (Catholic wedding):

1. Birth Certificate
2. Letter of consent from the parents (or other family elder if the parents are deceased)
3. Letter from their parish indicating that the spouses have fulfilled all requirements for to the marriage within the Catholic Church and that the parish has no objections to the marriage. This should also indicate that they have received their 1st Communion as well as Confirmation
4. Photocopy of both passports
5. Two passport photographs each

List of required documents (Anglican wedding):

1. Birth Certificate
2. Certificate of Baptism. (This is essential for all church weddings)
3. A statement that both the bride and groom are single
4. A letter from their parish indicating that the parish has no objection to the marriage (must be in English)
5. Photocopy of both passports
6. Two passport photographs  each